RB1 Cover

'The helicopter started to lose power... "We're going down!" shouted Cannons as the helicopter dived towards the White House lawn.'

Riley Bennett and her friends, Casey and Alex, face their biggest challenge yet. After starting their Secret Service training, they are assigned to a school. There they uncover a terror plot that could change the world. Can they find out what the terrorists are planning? Will they make it in time to stop the terrorists when they find themselves on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean? Will a life and death battle at the White House turn out as Riley and her friends hope? Join them on their adventure as it takes them across the world and back!




'As the Secret Service agents realised what was unfolding they started to run...but it was too late. The gun had fired!'

Riley Bennett is a teenager in the USA who hates going to school, but with good reason: she gets bullied every day just because she has epilepsy. But everything changes when a freak storm comes over the town during a games lesson. Riley and two other teenagers are struck by lightning. They don't know each other until they meet in hospital for the first time. Follow Riley, Casey and Alex as they discover what the lightning has done to them and how their lives will never be the same again!












'The Magic Ring is my greatest gift to the world. Whoever owns it can travel anywhere and any when.'

Ben the mouse and his friends Louis the field mouse and Haggis the hamster are off on their travels again!

In this second book, the three friends use their magic ring to visit many different places, where they always do their best to help out. They cheer up a lonely giant, round up some missing farm animals, and rescue a baby dragon. They also go in search of the fabled Golden Willow Tree, and learn that the magic ring is even more powerful than they thought, which leads to some amazing encounters.

Join Ben, Louis and Haggis on their latest adventures, and share in all their wonder and excitement!

'If I'm right, that ring will take you wherever you ask it to!'

When Ben the mouse and his friend Louis, a field mouse, find a ring lying in a wood, they have no idea of the many adventures it has in store for them. For this is no ordinary ring, but a magic ring which can transport you to anywhere in the world!

Join Ben and Louis as they travel to Loch Ness (where their friend Haggis the hamster lives), and then to the strange  land of the Urgle Gurgles, before finally heading home for a thrilling boat race.

This first book of the adventures of Ben the mouse will lead you on a journey full of excitement, friendship and fun!